InterWorks Partners with the Data Integration Wizards at Keboola


InterWorks Partners with the Data Integration Wizards at Keboola


Keboola & InterWorks

We’re always looking for the latest and greatest things in data at InterWorks, and we think we found something really cool in our newest partner, Keboola. For those of you who don’t know, Keboola is an agile data integration and data preparation platform.

That’s a fancy way of saying an awesome platform that lets you connect to, extract and transform data from a variety of sources and bring them into one convenient location. This includes things like Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google AdWords … the list goes on. 

It gets better, though. Unlike other platforms, Keboola is an online, cloud-based SaaS solution. That means less back and forth with IT and a generally easier user experience. Speaking of user experience, their emphasis on UI makes it accessible to normal human beings, not just data scientists or programmers.

A Huge Deal for Tableau Users

That all sounds well and good, but what value does Keboola have for a company like InterWorks that serves countless Tableau users? If you guessed a direct connection to Tableau, you win! 

This is huge deal for our clients because connecting to different name-brand sources in the past was neither affordable nor easy. Keboola completely takes care of that end of the spectrum, making it a snap to bring that data into Tableau to do what Tableau does best: data analysis and visualization. 

This type of integration is a dream come true for marketing and sales teams alike as it enables consolidated, end-to-end data analysis in Tableau without the hassle of manually sourcing, cleaning and integrating so many different data sources. Yay, automation!

Keboola’s user-friendly interface is also huge plus considering many Tableau are business users. With reusable components, no server or hosting to worry about and minimal programming required, it’s easy for everyday users to jump right in.

It’s Not Just the Platform

In addition to having an awesome platform, we genuinely like the folks over at Keboola. That’s a difference maker when we consider new partnerships. They have many of the same values as we do, so we think we fit quite nicely together. This is important because we want to make sure our clients get the same level of service from our partners as they do from us.

Get Your Hands on Keboola

If you’re an existing InterWorks client, or even if you’re completely new to us, the best way to learn more about how Keboola can impact your data practice is to drop us a line on our contact page. We’d love to show you how convenient Keboola is when integrating data in Tableau.

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