OpenManage Alerts in Kaseya


OpenManage Alerts in Kaseya

by Dave Slezak

I’ve seen this come up several times and finally decided to write a blog on it. It’s pretty straightforward: Kaseya gathers event logs, and Dell’s OpenManage puts events into System Administrator in the System event logs. Let’s put two and two together and make Kaseya let us know when OpenManage reports something wrong. This is obviously excellent for hardware alerts, firmware alerts and other potential issues.

For reference, I’m using Kaseya, and I’ve had success with this with several versions of OpenManage.

First things first, everything we’re going to do here will be in Monitor -> Agent Monitoring -> Event Log Alerts. While we’re in there, we are going to hit Edit below Define events to match or ignore. This is my setup:

Now, I know you’re probably asking, “Do I really want everything from OpenManage?” We’re going to filter it to event types here in a minute. I’d recommend you start with this, then add ignores as you see fit. This is also useful for us because some older versions of OpenManage use different event IDs. For myself, this is an easier catch-all.

So, here is where the magic happens. We’re only going to alert for Error, Warning, and Critical. For all hardware issues or generally critical failures, OpenManage will place events under these categories in the System log. If we have a hard drive that fails, it typically spews out a lot of errors, and I get what is going on with a single e-mail, so I’m going to ignore additional alarms for 30 minutes after an OpenManage alert. Depending on your environment, you may prefer more or less. 

For alert actions, we want an alarm created and the required e-mail recipients to be emailed. Now, you should be able to select your required servers. Hit Apply, and then you should be set.

Some caveats with this:

  • OpenManage is a Dell application, so this kind of assumes a Dell server, though this can easily be tweaked for another server model if the hardware monitoring puts anything in event logs.
  • OpenManage doesn’t usually get good results on virtual servers unless you have that specifically set up like that, and setting that up is out of the scope of this article.

Hope this helps!

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OpenManage Alerts in Kaseya I’ve seen this come up several times and finally decided to write a blog on it. It’s pretty straightforward: Kaseya gathers ...

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