What is #datavision?


What is #datavision?

Here at InterWorks Marketing, we work hard to prepare for the largest Tableau community event of the year. If you’ve seen us at the Tableau Customer Conference in the past, you know that we don’t treat this like just another conference. We don’t drag out our basic pop-up business backdrop, throw on some Dockers and pass out some swaggy pens – we take it seriously. Like “tattoos yer knuckles” seriously. 


So, when we gathered this summer to start planning for TC14, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We’ve grown quite a bit over the year. We’ve added many new people and worked for some of the largest organizations in the world. Some thought we were beyond the antics of our earlier days. Maybe it was time to break out the Times New Roman, get some supportive shoes and order some sweet logo’d plastic letter openers.

I think you know us better than that.

We started thinking about what it is that sets us apart. Why do people work here? Why do clients come to us for assistance? Why do companies extend contracts and keep coming back? It’s the same reason we’re not getting plastic letter openers for swag.

It’s the same reason we’re not getting plastic letter openers for swag. 

InterWorks Culture

We see things a little differently here. Whether in client projects or hiring, development or swag, InterWorks is known for taking a different approach in nearly every way. When it comes to how we view this world of “data,” it only makes sense that we’d also view that in a different way. This was when the concept of #datavision appeared.

We see data projects in a different way.

I hate to be the one that lets this out, but we don’t have a secret sauce that our consultants are taught when they join InterWorks. Our secret is how we see projects and how we intelligently move those projects forward with efficiency, predictability and speed. That secret relies on great people, working with great products, doing great work for the greatest clients.  

This is #datavision.  


#datavision is seeing our clients’ projects like they never have before, then making a significant impact on how they view their data.

This is why people continue to seek our assistance. Maybe it’s as simple as sharing a few best practices from our experience and offering a training session. Or, maybe it’s a full-spectrum overhaul of their data ecosystem, including new architecture, products and development. Either way, our “secret” is that we have a commitment to walk away from a client knowing that they now see their data differently – a commitment that we have shared our #datavision.

We invite everyone to see data like we do. 

InterWorks is working to spread this #datavision around the world. No doubt, we are a business and seek great clients to survive, but a large part of getting great clients is working with the business intelligence and data community to spread this new vision of data projects. We’ve traveled the world to speak to Tableau User Groups and have been invited to companies to speak as thought leaders on our #datavision.

James Wright Data

We love Tableau and pride ourselves on being the most trusted provider of Tableau services around the world, but our evangelism for #datavision doesn’t stop there. Our people are active in SQL, web development and various tech-business communities at both local and national levels, allowing our view of data to spread into all areas of business intelligence and data management. 

Oh yeah, we wrote a book too. Not to brag, but it’s the best Tableau book out there. To top it all off, we have an official Tableau Zen Master on board.

#datavision at Tableau Conference 2014

If you are attending the Tableau Conference this year, drop by and say hello. We don’t have any letter openers for you, but strike up a conversation with one of our people and learn a little more about #datavision.

You might even get a t-shirt.

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What is #datavision? Here at InterWorks Marketing, we work hard to prepare for the largest Tableau community event of the year. If you’ve seen us at the ...

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