5 Benefits of DataGravity’s Groundbreaking Data-Aware Storage Platform


5 Benefits of DataGravity’s Groundbreaking Data-Aware Storage Platform

by Brad Fair

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding DataGravity lately, especially on the InterWorks blog. We’ve shared our in-depth Discovery Series blog series and even started creating Discovery Series Solution Shorts. That said, not everyone speaks tech. I thought it would be nice to share a high-level overview of data-aware storage from DataGravity.

Data-aware storage, pioneered by DataGravity, is a concept that is revolutionizing how data is stored and managed. It combines enterprise-level physical hardware along with innovative analytics and administrative tools in what DataGravity calls their Discovery Series.

Why is this a big deal? Large organizations produce millions of documents each year with no efficient way of gaining insights on their “dark data.” The tools they use to store and analyze their data are numerous and fragmented. The Discovery Series is revolutionary because it brings together storage, search, governance, recovery and security into a unified platform. These key data-aware storage features help you to manage dark data with greater ease and fewer resources.

5 Benefits of DataGravity's Groundbreaking Data-Aware Storage Platfrom

Here are five massive benefits found in the Discovery Series that could impact your bottom line immediately:

1. Storage

Data-aware storage is not just an application. It is also a cutting-edge, enterprise-level storage system. The key strength of this platform is that it integrates an intuitive user interface for data management, governance oversight, state-of-the-art disaster recovery and a searchable index of all files in the system.

IT administrators can now audit the data on the storage network and optimize where needed to reduce costs and server sprawl.

2. Search and Discovery

Imagine if the administrators of your enterprise storage infrastructure had the ability to “Google” the files and folders of your storage network as if every single file were a web page on the Internet. That’s one of the features of DataGravity’s data-aware storage. It has the ability to digest all of the data being stored inside its system, including files’ metadata and contents, and provide valuable analysis out of terabytes of data.

Storage management and optimization is easier than ever. Data-aware storage does not rely on a third-party application to crawl through the data, creating the unavoidable backlog in indexing files and folders. Instead, it immediately ingests any file that is added or updated into the system for near real-time analysis.

3. Governance

Storage governance is critical for every organization, particularly those that deal with sensitive information such as payment information (credit card numbers) or personal details (social security numbers). Previous storage systems simply didn’t have an answer to this problem, so companies relied on the diligence of the file manager or creator to ensure that they were following the regulatory or organizational standards for data governance.

Data-aware storage allows administrators or other designated personnel to audit these best practices in order to guarantee that they are followed to the letter. A data-aware system automatically flags files that present security risks based on the type of data that they store.

4. Recovery

The protection that data-aware storage offers is astounding. Continuous data protection is now capable with integrated snapshots of the data on the system. It is the next generation in disaster recovery. Since files are immediately analyzed and integrated into the analytics and management tool, snapshots are created dynamically. The system can roll back to a previous point in time before any data loss or corruption.

In addition, the management tool also offers amazing capabilities in finding which users created, modified and even accessed files. Administrators can roll back to a previous file versions, create an audit log of file changes and flag inappropriate content.

5. Security

In the event that sensitive information or files have been compromised, the Discovery Series offers full auditing abilities to track every action regarding a file or folder with a few mouse clicks. Every action is recorded and indexed, including supporting metadata.

Security breaches are pinpointed immediately and contained with minimal effort and maximum effect.

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