Resetting EqualLogic “grpadmin” Password


Resetting EqualLogic “grpadmin” Password

by Brad Fair

The Problem – Forgot EqualLogic Password

It happens to us all – well, those of us who don’t configure their arrays with “password” or “qwerty” as the grpadmin password. There you are, an innocent storage administrator, just trying to log on to your SAN, when you suddenly realize: “I forgot my grpadmin password!” You might think it’s the end of the world. Perhaps you have your resume on one of those iSCSI volumes, and you just can’t think of how you can get out of this situation without needing a copy of it – you’re doomed! Truth is, it’s quite easy to recover from. All you need is a serial cable, computer, and phone. 

The Solution – Resetting EqualLogic Password

Sorry, but other than with a lifetime and a good dictionary file, there’s no way to get your grpadmin password back. Fortunately, as long as you are prepared with the tools I mentioned above, it’s a simple process. Give Dell a call at 1-877-887-7337. I love EqualLogic support because it goes directly to a tech, no call routing required. Tell them you’re in a pickle, and they’ll help you out. They’ll give you a special username to type in (something like recoverpassword). Type it in, and your array gives you a challenge. Tell the techie what your challenge is, and they’ll give you a response. That challenge/response process gets you into your array, and gives you an excellent opportunity to change your EqualLogic password!

Hope this helps – let me know if there’s something you want me to post about. I have an array I can test things out on, so I’m pretty open to suggestions! Catch me on twitter (@bradfair) or leave a comment below.

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