InterWorks’ Holt Calder Recognized as a 2021 Tableau DataDev Ambassador


InterWorks’ Holt Calder Recognized as a 2021 Tableau DataDev Ambassador

Just recently, Tableau unveiled their 2021 class of Tableau Ambassadors. Tableau Ambassadors are those special individuals that continuously share their expertise and passion for Tableau in creative and impactful ways. The great thing about the Tableau Ambassador program is that it recognizes those people across several different areas of focus – you have Forum Ambassadors, User Group Ambassadors, Social Ambassadors, DataDev Ambassadors and more!

InterWorks is fortunate in that we’ve had a few team members join these ranks over the years, and it’s always exciting when new faces make the list. That’s why we’re thrilled to congratulate InterWorks Data Architect Holt Calder on being named a Tableau DataDev Ambassador for 2021! Go take a look at Holt’s glowing, young face among other DataDev legends here.

What Is a DataDev Ambassador?

Tableau defines their DataDev Ambassadors as follows: “Data Devs are community-driven and passionate about leveraging Tableau’s APIs to extend, embed or customize Tableau. They are curious, innovative and love to build— always tinkering with new tools and applying them to fresh ideas.”

So yeah, DataDevs are the relentless tinkerers who are always on the lookout for new ways to leverage Tableau with great impact or to integrate it more seamlessly within an analytics ecosystem. Holt exemplifies this in a lot of ways. First, as a data architect, he’s an absolute whiz at Tableau-friendly technologies like Snowflake and Matillion. He also recently played a critical role in developing Amazon SageMaker for Tableau – an exciting way to bring machine learning models from SageMaker directly into Tableau for more intelligent analyses.

Holt Calder’s Well-Earned Superlatives

In our opinion, what makes Holt a true DataDev Ambassador isn’t just his technical chops – it’s also his drive to share all that information with others. The InterWorks Marketing Team in particular loves Holt because he is always producing excellent and engaging content for our audiences, leading them to solutions and answers that can make a huge impact. Those little things add up and have certainly earned him a ton of respect from people within and outside of InterWorks. But hey, don’t take our word for it; check out these glowing reviews from all around InterWorks and our partners:

Quotes from the InterWorks Team

I’ll say that Holt is one of those folks who has the right combination of ‘Stoke’ – he’s so stoked that he gets himself opportunities; ‘Skill’ – he can piece together very complex solutions thanks to his growing skill base and stoke to expand it, and ‘Follow-Through’ – he doesn’t just have a good idea and try a little bit. He really keeps the pedal down all the way. Things like Amazon SageMaker for Tableau will keep coming from him because of it. He’s been great to work with, soaking up what he doesn’t know and finding strengths in what he does know. It’s fun to be around him, and I’m excited to see what innovations we can build together.” – James Wright, Global BI Practice Director, InterWorks

“Holt has shown a great curiosity across a wide range of technologies and paired that with a lot of hard work. We’re proud of all of his achievements.” – Brian Bickell, Data Practice Lead, InterWorks

Quotes from Tableau Software

“Holt was an excellent partner who went above and beyond to coordinate and deliver value for our customers.” – Nathan Mannheimer, Director, Data Science and ML Products, Tableau

“It was a pleasure working with Holt. He is efficient and organized and demonstrated confident leadership while delivering an elegant integration that offers lots of value to our joint customers. He has a great sense of what makes Tableau unique and how we can build integrations that enable more data exploration, while staying true to the Tableau principles of self-service and ease of use. I hope to work with him again in the future!” – Madeleine Corneli, Senior Product Manager, Tableau

Quotes from Matillion

“Holt is a dream partner. He is so knowledgeable in this space and so articulate. I know that any time we collaborate on something, it’s going to be excellent and elevate our product and partnership.”
Julie Polito, Director, Digital Strategy and Creative, Matillion

“Holt is a great all-around Matillion partner. His feedback on our products has been invaluable over the years, as is his support of the Matillion Hub.” – Daniel Shah, Senior Director, Global Consulting Partners, Matillion

Quotes from AWS

“Holt has been invaluable to the InterWorks/AWS partnership. Holt’s can-do attitude and focus on goals have helped our teams partner in additional areas and generated positive outcomes for both companies. I look forward to continuing to work with Holt.”– Paul Eaton, Partner Development Manager, AWS

“Holt has been an outstanding partner to work with. He was the key architect and software developer to assemble a production-grade solution that allows Tableau users to run predictions using Amazon SageMaker. It’s important because it helps bring machine learning back in the hands of the business with data analysts using Tableau who are now empowered with predictive analytics. Wearing many hats from product management, engineering and data science to business development, understanding customers’ pain points, scoping requirements, delivering code above the AWS Quick Start bar, and positively contributing to Go-to-Market activities with highly popular blogs, demos and webinars, Holt went above and beyond to make this ambitious initiative a success, thus playing a key role in democratizing machine learning. And, not to forget, Holt is such a pleasure to work with that he felt like fun all along! Way to go, Mr. Calder!” – Paul Lasserre, AWS Global Segment Lead, Applied AI

That’ll Do, Holt

We could go on and on about what makes Holt a great InterWorker and just a great person in general, but we think you get the idea – we’re proud to have him at InterWorks. We know only more great things await him in his budding career!

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