What is DataWomen?

DataWomen is a network that supports and empowers DataWomen and data friends by creating a community of open discussion and mutual learning. We define DataWomen as women that are interested in or work in technology. Their data friends are their male and female allies and advocates.

InterWorks is proud to support this effort, which includes regular webinar presentations and discussions as well as a mentorship program and online community.

What is DataWomen all about?

Creating an inclusive community for discussion and mutual learning. We do this:

  • Directly and indirectly, by involving and supporting DataWomen and data friends (male and female allies and advocates);
  • By supporting women as women, through discussion and advancement of relevant topics;
  • By supporting women as professionals; and
  • By fostering a community to exchange ideas and information, get practical support, and build networks.

We are always on the lookout for great people to sit on panels, be mentors, and help us find and share cool content. We want people who are passionate about developing a good environment for DataWomen to thrive.

If you think you can be that person, please get in touch with Azucena Coronel or Beth Kairys. We’d love your energy and your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone, male or female, who wants to support women in data.
Women working in and around data, at any point in the pipeline (whether you’re crunching numbers in excel, or doing fancy data science work in python). DataWomen are also those with an interest in data and perhaps are working towards a career in a tech field.
Anyone who wants to! We imagine you might get the most out of this if you were a woman working in, or planning to work in, data in some form. However, we welcome everyone, especially anyone wanting to be a better manager, advocate or ally for the DataWomen in their life.
Trick question! Everyone is welcome! We welcome anyone and everyone that wants to be involved. We do ask that every person that participates to show respect and kindness. We have a zero tolerance policy in order to ensure that this is an open and inclusive space. 
What don’t you!? Kidding. Practically, we:

  • Run regular webinars with great people covering all sorts of awesome topics. These are intended to show off some awesome people and help us discuss issues of relevance to women and as professionals working in and around data. We’ll bring some data, some great presenters, and some great topics to get you thinking.
  • Run a mentoring program. This is designed to help you professionally at any stage of your career, and will cover topics from how to ace technical interviews to how to navigate tricky career decisions around moving further into the business and management, or sticking it out as an individual contributor.
  • Host an Online Community. This gives us a place to tell you about all the awesome stuff our DataWomen and data friends are doing, and to share some great articles and podcasts, but also link you up with other groups (like user groups), and help you build your own personal and professional network (Yay!)
  • Share a repository of links and opportunities to continue growing and learning.

Mentoring Program

A fantastic 4-week program to help you navigate every stage of your career. This changes a little each time, but looks a bit like the below. Designed for a small group, details can be found here. You can also join us at our LinkedIn Group to learn more and start building your network today!


Productivity deep dive

Hands on productivity how-to with InterWorks very own. Learn how to focus your attention and improve your productivity in our forever work from home environments.

Initial 5 Years

Interviews, salary negotiations, and your personal brand

  • Applying and interviewing outside your comfort zone (e.g. where you only tick 4/10 things on the list)
  • How to ace a technical interview
  • How to have a salary negotiation
  • How to build and maintain a compelling brand (e.g. LinkedIn, tableau public)
  • The role of continuous learning

Initial 10 Years

Role pathways in data

  • The roles of individual contributor and managers and how to pivot (either move more into the business, or more into the tech)
  • How to move into a data career from something else entirely, including what to upskill in, and how to build your tech network and brand


Mentors, advocates, and networking

  • The importance of each, how to spot a bad one and nurture a good one, and the role of each at different stages of your career
  • Light topic on networking, next steps, what was relevant, coffee/drinks to celebrate end of mentorship program


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