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Vivun is an AI-powered presales platform that helps companies grow by automating sales demos, identifying risks in deal pipelines and aligning product roadmaps with customer needs to drive revenue.

Technologies Used

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Cloud

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Vivun is an AI-powered presales platform that helps companies grow by automating sales demos, identifying risks in deal pipelines and aligning product roadmaps with customer needs to drive revenue. Vivun has a deep understanding of the complex and valuable data that comes from tracking opportunities from open to close. This granular data provides powerful insights into pipeline health and the overall growth of an organization. Vivun’s clients include tech leaders such as Snowflake, Zoom and Gainsight.

Pursuing Opportunity Insights from Open to Close

Vivun’s primary objective was to build a solution that could communicate clear and actionable insights throughout the entire opportunity lifecycle. Such insights could help answer valuable business questions like:

  • How much revenue have we lost to competitors?
  • Which opportunities are at risk because they are stuck in a particular presales stage?
  • Based on our historical win rates, do we have enough potential revenue in our pipeline or do we need to generate more opportunities?

Uncovering the answers to these questions is typically difficult for companies to derive from the granular and disparate data that comes from tracking opportunities from open to close. For Vivun, this meant that they would need to create an elegant data model with carefully defined logic that would then seamlessly feed into well-designed and user-friendly analytics dashboards. To give this initiative an extra lift, they turned to the full-stack consulting team at InterWorks.

“InterWorks, and Keith Dykstra in particular, were a pleasure to work with. They adapted to our pace, our mode of operation. Their flexibility made them a natural extension to our team immediately.”

– Thierry D’Hers, Chief Product & Engineering Officer, Vivun

Working Through Complexity and Prioritizing UX

The collaboration between Vivun and InterWorks can be broken down into three key phases:

Data Modeling

Vivun was an incredibly thoughtful and organized client. They kicked off the project with a well-defined entity relationship diagram (ERD), a clear data dictionary and a representative mock environment. The InterWorks team worked closely with them to understand the analysis they wanted to present to their customers so we could build the necessary data models in Tableau. Because they were dealing with high volume data, we advised them throughout the process about the trade-offs to consider between developing the most ideal solution vs. developing a performant solution. From day one, we worked together to make smart decisions that would result in insightful and fast dashboards.

Metric Definition and Validation

Delivering the right insights required building logic in Tableau to transform the raw data into the metrics we needed. Sometimes these metrics required a few layers of logic that required careful validation. We worked iteratively with the Vivun team to define and test the logic. In many cases, we not only developed the calculations and visualizations, but also validation sheets that could help the Vivun team and their customers confirm that their metrics were defined correctly. We carefully considered edge cases that might skew the data to ensure we were providing Vivun customers with very precise insights.

Data Visualization and UX

The Vivun team kicked off the project with a few rough wireframes indicating an initial vision for the project. As we worked together, we quickly discovered new questions that customers might want to answer. What started out as four Tableau dashboards quickly turned into over a dozen different views to help customers understand what was going on in their sales pipeline. As we narrowed in on the right metric definitions and began visualizing those metrics for users to see, the Vivun team circulated our draft dashboards for internal feedback. This gave us a much richer understanding of the types of questions users wanted to answer with the data. We iteratively rearranged and added new views to respond to users’ feedback.

As we settled into arrangements that made sense, we layered in context through the Viz in Tooltip functionality in Tableau as well as flexibility with buttons and parameter actions. We wanted the dashboards to anticipate the deeper questions and alternative options users might want to explore. We also refined the style to fit with the Vivun brand and to reduce any visual distractions from the data.

“The visual design and craftsmanship of the dashboards were of upmost quality and surpassed our expectations.”

– Thierry D’Hers, Chief Product & Engineering Officer, Vivun

The Final Tableau Dashboards

In the end, we ended up with four different Tableau workbooks and fourteen unique Tableau dashboards, all of which are available to download for free through the Tableau Exchange. Vivun’s customers can simply download and enter their own credentials to get instant analysis of their sales pipeline. Vivun now provides their customers with more visibility into their sales pipeline, allowing users to identify opportunities for improvement. The dashboards also give Vivun customers the ability to spot red flags and other patterns in their customer base. Not least of all, Vivun’s platform can give recommendations on how to improve their sales performance.

“My favorite part of working with InterWorks was their ability to present new ways of thinking and visualizing the answers to our customers’ questions. In the end, we created something that was the product of both of our respective areas of expertise and far better than what we could have done alone.”

– Amanda Wolf, Product Manager, Vivun

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