What’s New in Tableau 8.2 – Tableau for Mac


What’s New in Tableau 8.2 – Tableau for Mac

by Katie Wagner

With Tableau 8.2 now available, the InterWorks team wants to give you an in-depth look at some of our favorite new features. Our What’s New in Tableau 8.2 blog series covers these in detail. This post is the fifth post in the series. Check out the full list on our Tableau 8.2 blog channel.

Say goodbye to Boot Camp and Parallels, #DatatotheMac has finally arrived! The long-awaited release of Tableau for Mac has been met with much excitement, including a launch party in San Francisco. Credited for its ease-of-use and adaptability, Tableau enters seamlessly into an environment known for being user-focused. The release features nearly all of the powerful functionality that has led to Tableau’s popularity, yet retains the sleek and crisp feel natural to most Apple products. Traditional Mac users will appreciate the familiar two-finger scroll and smooth transition in and out of Presentation Mode. 

Two Key Differences in Tableau for Mac

The two most obvious differences in the Mac vs. Windows release are the search functionality and data connectivity. As a Windows user, the search functionality brings a small pang of jealousy. Have you ever searched endlessly for that parameter that you thought was created a few hours ago? Located in the main menu, the Help option provides the user with a searchable text box. It visually offers the exact path to the missing field, saving users lots of time and headaches. 

Search function 

Also, if you’re looking for the familiar right-click + drag, this feature can be found using Command + drag on the Mac platform. To find out more information on how useful this trick can be, check out Tiffany Spaulding’s post on Mouse Control.

The other noticeable difference is Tableau for Mac’s powerful, yet slightly limited, data connectivity.  The following chart provides a quick reference for which connections from the Windows version are also available on Mac:

Windows vs. Mac Tableau Connections

This release opens the door for untapped industry possibilities, from deep-thinking designers to crafty artists. Welcome to the world of beautiful visualizations and powerful data-driven solutions for all!

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Want to learn how to utilize the new Tableau 8.2 features in your business? InterWorks is the leading provider of Tableau consulting and training services. Let us know how we can help!

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