Tortoise SVN PowerShell helper function


Tortoise SVN PowerShell helper function

by Joshua Poehls

Do you work from the command line? Use PowerShell? SVN?

While the SVN command line client is certainly usable, there are definitely times where a GUI is more convenient. Specifically during a commit where you want to easily check/uncheck files and view diffs.

I got tired of having to open an explorer window to get into Tortoise SVN’s commit screen so I wrote this helper function.

Put this into your profile and you can start typing tsvn commit (or just tsvn) to open the Tortoise SVN commit dialog. Enjoy!

# Helper function for opening the Tortoise SVN GUI from a PowerShell prompt.
# Put this into your PowerShell profile.
# Ensure Tortoise SVN is in your PATH (usually C:Program FilesTortoiseSVNbin) 
function Svn-Tortoise([string]$Command = "commit") {
  TortoiseProc.exe /command:$Command /path:"$pwd"
Set-Alias tsvn "Svn-Tortoise"

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