Tips, hints, etc.


Tips, hints, etc.


Ok bloggers and bloggees.  I recently ran into this issue while rebuilding an E-series Dell Latitude.

Let’s say your hard-drive on your Dell Latitude E6500 laptop needed to be replaced due to multiple disk errors reported on it.  After you rebuild (aka completely format and reinstall Windows) your computer you will be faced with locating and installing the device drivers.  Normally they will include audio, network, chipset, and video drivers.  Fortunately Windows is smart enough to find and install the other hardware for you.  The ones that will not install automatically are located on  Typically you will want to retrieve the NIC drivers from another computer, and then install them on your fresh machine.

Once this is completed, you *should be able to get online and locate the remaining drivers, but that is where the issue begins.  

So if you are not familiar with Dell’s driver page, you can either enter a service tag, or a specific model to find all of your drivers.  Entering the service tag should get you the minimum amount of drivers needed to get your machine up and running.  If you use the model number, you will be given all of the drivers related to that model.  I prefer to use the service tag first, then the model afterwards because I normally end up with a few unknown drivers.

That brings us to the unknown device at hand.  It should be easy enough to get the audio drivers, nic, and video drivers because they are clearly labeled.  I literally ran through all the available drivers (using the service tag) and still had one unknown device in Device Manager: BroadCom USH

Well to resolve this issue, you can do one of the following: ignore the device and disable it in device manager, run through all 100+ available drivers (using the model number), or try this below:

Typically the driver you will need to fix this is the Control Point Security Device Drivers Pack.  This file includes all the necessary device drivers to get this working, but none of the bloat software provided with Control Point.

Until next time, safe surfing.


* – The word “should” is highlighted here because if everything went according to plan, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog to inform you of an apparent issue.

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