Greetings from the Tech Room again,


If you’re an iPhone user, this next tip is for you:


With the recent release of the 4th Operating System for the iPhone, were are finally exposed to all the features that are available to the iPhone.  Unfortunately not all the new features such as Multitasking and 5x video zoom apply to all iPhone users (just the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4), but most are cool none the less.  


Multitasking.  Literally your iPhone will have the capability of running more than one app at once. This is ironically something users have wanted for a long time, supposedly one of Apple’s featured selling points when the 3G was released, but just recently got an overhaul to work seamlessly.  Now you can run Pandora, while checking your email or typing a text.  The possibilites are limitless.


App folders.  Now you have the ability to sort your apps into folders and drag and drop items at any time.


Enhanced Email.  Yet another app that has been overhauled to work better with multiple accounts.  Now you can view mail from any account you setup all at the same time.


Game Center.  Basically a centralized gaming service much like the Xbox Live or PSN.  The end goal is to connect games to one another.


iBooks.  A feature already available when you get the iPad.


5x Camera zoom.  Only applicable to the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.


Enhanced video.  Ditto.


Spellcheck.  An addition to the autocomplete that is already accessible.  


Wallpaper customization.  Something Jailbreakers have had all along.  Also available on the iPad.


Gift apps.  This is the coolest thing I think they have added.  Now you can buy apps and send them to love ones/friends.  My anniversary is right around the corner and I already know what my wife wants.


Unfortunately the 4.0 OS is not scheduled to be released for the iPad until this fall.  I’m planning on updating my phone this weekend.


Until next time, continue to surf the net safely and have a good holiday.



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