World Aid – Donors and Receivers


World Aid – Donors and Receivers


With the UN MDG summit underway in New York, Jonathan Glennie of The Guardian has an interesting blog looking at countries contributing to world aid and the countries receiving aid. The blog contains the following visualisation looking at donators and receivers of aid in 2007: Guardian Aid Visualisation Whilst I found this viz engaging and it did get my attention, I found it difficult to compare the different nations in terms of % Gross National Income (Gross Domestic Product + all other income from other countries) and was interested to see if I could create something more informative using the same data. This is what I came up with: Aid Donating Countries The two bar graphs have on click highlighting for quick comparisons between between the countries contributing aid in terms of both $ value and %GNI.

Aid Receiving Countries Also included in the data was information regarding the countries receiving aid. There were too many countries receiving aid for me to display this in a similar comparative format so for this data I opted to display data plots on the world map with the size of each plot representing the total $ value of aid received and the diverging colour representing the % of that countries income made up of aid.

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