How to Create a Culture of Learning with Tableau


How to Create a Culture of Learning with Tableau

by Carly Capitula

Whether you just made the investment in Tableau Software or you’re leading an established Tableau community, getting the most out of Tableau is a goal that most analytics decision-makers have in common. This all starts with your users. How do you spark and keep their interest? How do you keep your community growing and learning new things?

In the video below, I walk through three of the most common questions we get asked at InterWorks surrounding Tableau growth and explain how InterWorks can help answer those questions. If you prefer reading, keep scrolling for text answers.

Q: What type of training is right for my organization?

The kind of training that’s the right fit for your organization. There is no one-size-fits-all model, and that’s a good thing. InterWorks can work together with you to identify your users: who are they, what roles do they have, what skills do they have, what do they need and how can we make them successful. We also look at how your users learn best. This could be any mix of in-class training, virtual training, group settings and self-paced learning.

Q: How do I spark Tableau interest in others?

This is one of the biggest challenges: getting people to care. You can offer trainings or continuing education, but if people don’t want to show up, it’s all for naught. With InterWorks, our trainers are also consultants. They care and see firsthand the value Tableau can bring to your users regardless of your industry. Using their experience, our trainers can connect with users to find insights that matter to them. That’s key to getting buy-in.

Q: How do we keep learning even when training is over?

Training wraps up and everyone wants to know what’s next. When’s the next training, or how do we keep the momentum going? There are a ton of resources available, many of them from InterWorks. Our blog is a great place for topic-specific posts on Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and more. Another great resource is InterWorks Assist. Through a quick phone call, email or online chat, you can access the entire global InterWorks community, which stands ready to answer your questions immediately.

But what can you do to keep yourselves on your journey? The answer lies in finding your internal champions. These are the people who are pulling others into their offices to show off dashboards that took five seconds to build versus five minutes. These are the people talking about Tableau around the water cooler and doing extra stuff in Tableau Public simply because they love doing it. These are the people you want to empower. Encourage them to start internal user groups, and give them opportunities to share their work as inspiration for others.

InterWorks can help you identify these people. Even better, we can help you develop a broader enablement plan designed to keep you on track for success with Tableau. We’ll help you find the custom path that best fits your needs and users, enabling your organization to keep things rolling long after we’re gone. If you want to learn more and start your plan, get in touch with us today!

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