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CACI offers an unrivalled range of data, marketing and IT solutions to a wide range of industries across both the public and private sectors.

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CACI offers an unrivalled range of data, marketing and IT solutions to a wide range of industries across both the public and private sectors. Its Integrated Marketing and Location Planning divisions provide data, software and consulting services to improve clients’ sales and marketing programmes. CACI helps clients find, retain and grow profitable customers through an understanding of consumer characteristics and behaviour.

The Need for Faster Insight

CACI provide a service to around 30 banks and building societies in the UK across four main areas. As content was created for their end users, it became clear that hundreds of data sources and workbooks needed to be used to deliver key insights. CACI use Tableau to deliver a benchmarking service to banks and building societies, with each member getting their own version of the core workbooks deployed into their own site.

“We needed a bullet proof solution that allowed us to move content from development environments through QA and Production.”

– Paul Kenny, Director, Market Databases Group

Scalability and Support from InterWorks

CACI sat with InterWorks and assessed the various options open to them, they needed to replicate the workbooks while changing data sources with minimal effort and in a secure fashion. Power Tools: Deployment allows automated promotion from the developers test and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sites into production.

Further to that, InterWorks implemented a broadcast mechanism that allows CACI to take that single development/UAT version of the workbook and push out customised per-client versions to each site. InterWorks have also supported the implementation of Power Tools: Deployment and Tableau adoption through training and our Expert Hotline Consulting services (an ad hoc support hotline).


  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Customisation at scale
  • User adoption

Automation in Action

“From the initial conversation, we appreciated the fact that this was a solution tailored to our needs and not just an off the shelf product. The consultants we spoke to took the time to understand what was involved and did not make any assumptions. They listened to us and provided a solution based on our needs.”

– Paul Kenny, Director, Market Databases Group

By generating a plan-per-client, CACI retain the flexibility to deploy system wide content in a reliable automated fashion while retaining flexibility to customise individual content that might require complex transformation. Tableau has been deployed in CACI’s enterprise environment where security is paramount. Their in-house analytics team has also embraced Tableau and the analytics driven from the platform.

Power Tools: Deployment enables CACI to implement a more rapid development cycle by automating several of the workbook/data source updates that happens for each one of its clients on a regular basis. Those updates include the configuration of new data connections, setting of permissions, mapping to the destination projects, adjustments to naming conventions, refreshing extracts and archiving/version control. The tool also gives the ability to quickly rollback a deployment (if that becomes necessary).

Beyond the time savings that comes from automating each of these steps, CACI has also gained the confidence that there is a consistent level of quality with each deployment. Power Tools: Deployment has removed the potential for a vast number of human errors that tend to occur in the Dev/QA/Prod promotion process. When the deployment is complete, the administrator is able to review a recap of what took place and save the recap for documentation purposes. So, after the fact, there is a historical record that all clients received the necessary updates


  • Rapid dev cycle
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better documentation
  • Greater Tableau use

“We have used most of InterWorks services thus far, training, hotline and consulting services. As we go through our implementation of Tableau, it is good to have a safe pair of hands we can count on. Sometimes just a phone call is sufficient, and InterWorks are always available.”

– Paul Kenny, Director, Market Databases Group

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