Greetings, earthlings. We’re so glad you’re here and pretty sure you’re the best thing in the galaxy. We can’t wait to see how you unleash your brilliance at InterWorks and help us innovate, solve problems and answer tough questions, like, “Are robots sentient or nah?” In order for you to do your best work, we know you need the best tools, so we’re serious about outfitting our crew with the latest cutting-edge tech. However, we all know that with great power comes great responsibility, so we hope it goes without saying that security and privacy go hand in hand with the equipment we use. But we’ll say it anyway.

In this next section, we lay out some mission-critical details for our upcoming launch together. We’ll share our stance on lost and damaged equipment, computer usage, our privacy policy and a handy guide to all of our internal resources. We want you to live long, work hard and prosper, so buckle up for takeoff because we’re bound for the stars.

Computer Usage

Maintaining the reliability and security of our internal systems is paramount for our ability to serve clients well. Not to be a paranoid android, but it’s crucial that you exercise the highest degree of care in using and protecting your equipment, passwords and data. Our Support team helps make sure we are maintaining necessary standards for our equipment and networks. Please work with Support if you have any questions about proper usage, security or other issues. While most people here are highly capable with technical issues, it’s important to always check with Support for any hardware or software issue to ensure company-wide processes and records are being maintained. To reach out to our laser-focused Support team, email them at You should have no expectation of privacy in using company computers or communication equipment. Sending, receiving or accessing racist or pornographic materials on InterWorks equipment or networks is strictly prohibited.

Cloud Services

For obvious reasons, we have to be very careful about the way we store and transmit client and internal files and data. With a team as spread out and collaborative as ours, cloud-based storage and sharing services can be very useful, but they also present a number of security risks. It is imperative that employees NOT open or use any other cloud services accounts for the storage, manipulation or exchange of company-related communications or company-owned data without the approval of our Support team. This is necessary to protect the integrity and confidentiality of our data, our clients’ data and the security of our corporate network. We want you to be able to serve your clients as efficiently as possible through the use of technology, and we’ve adopted the following procedures to ensure you have the functionality and access you need to be able to do just that.

Equipment & Devices

We’re committed to making sure you have the necessary equipment available to you to do your job here at InterWorks. Please treat the equipment you’re issued with care (like it has feelings, you know), and follow the operating instructions, maintenance requirements and safety guidelines. We understand that sometimes accidents happen and equipment is damaged, lost or stolen. Here’s how we handle those unfortunate situations:

Damaged Equipment

Lost or Stolen Equipment
You should always notify Support IMMEDIATELY if your phone, laptop or any other equipment is lost or stolen, no matter what. We need to take action to protect any data that may be compromised in these situations. Our team will set to work on your challenge at the speed of light, but there are some things we need from you in these cases:

You stick ‘em, you remove ‘em. If you want to express yourself creatively using stickers on your laptop or other equipment, you do you! If you want your laptop to shine like a supernova, we get it. However, please know that you will be expected to remove those stickers appropriately when it is time for an upgrade or a change in equipment. You’re also welcome to go for a quick jaunt of time travel to remove them. Either way works for us.

Incident Reporting or Suspicious Activity

If any other technical and security concern arises for any reason, immediately notify the Support and Security Operations teams for assistance, even if it’s only suspicion. To help avoid these incidents, you can take the following precautions: