You’ll probably need to buy some things in the course of your job. We have a fairly simple process below to handle expenses. We make an effort to hire trustworthy, responsible people, so to a large extent you’re expected to use good judgment on what is a business expense and what isn’t. But there are some guidelines here to keep in mind, just in case.

All policy specifics are found in The Library. Expense information can be found in the links below:

Ruby Hotels

As we run our Düsseldorf office in a Ruby Workspace we benefit from special rates in Ruby Hotels. They currently run hotels in cities like Düsseldorf (Ruby Luna is the next one to the office), Cologne, London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Geneva, Munich and Zurich.

BahnCard 50, 1. Class

Every employee who buys train tickets for an estimated amount of more than 500 € per year should buy a BahnCard 50 first class (railway card). This BahnCard may also be used for private purposes at any time. This does not count as a taxable pecuniary advantage.

Car Rental

Please check our customer account at Sixt Rental Cars.


Stuff That Won’t Be Paid For: Bar tabs, entertainment, including hotel movies, laundry service (exception for trips exceeding five days and for trips extended by company), snacks, coffee, soft drinks, magazines, newspapers and other items not considered necessary business expenses, cab fare not related to the purpose of the travel, such as fares to places of entertainment, etc., meals or other costs pertaining to spouses or accompanying guests, gifts, donations or contributions.

Gifts: All business and employee gifts with a value over 50 € must be approved in advance by a manager.