Attention all passengers: Thank you for choosing InterWorks for your professional journey! We understand that you have a choice when it comes to the company you work for, so we appreciate you voyaging through life with us! Of course, we also understand that while you’re here, you will require some necessary stopovers in your journey – things like vacations, family leave, scheduled holidays and just regular days off.

When you’re ready to book a break for any reason, this section will contain all the info you need to know to ensure you make the most of your time. Please note that we do encourage you to take time off! While we enjoy our time with you, it’s important to balance your work and personal lives. We’re here to support you in that regard however we can!


Though we like to stay busy at InterWorks, there are select blackout days where InterWorks offices are closed and all full-time InterWorks employees have automatic paid time off. Of course, if you want to SAY that you are working during these holidays to avoid uncomfortable political debates with that one unruly uncle of yours, we won’t say a word. Do note that holidays may different from region to region.

New South Wales


South Australia


Western Australia

Paid Time Off

For those unfamiliar, PTO stands for “paid time off,” and it’s what we use for most time-off requests. If you turn your attention to the content blocks below, you’ll see our detailed PTO policies for each region. Why the differences? Because each region has its own management structures and unique circumstances, and we want to cater to those as best as possible as well as complying with any local leave requirements.

PTO Policy

Vacation time and personal days all fall under Paid Time Off (PTO). Your PTO pay is based on your pay rate in effect when your PTO is used and does not include bonuses or other special forms of compensation. Your PTO account is managed and tracked in the Time Entry System, where you can make requests and keep track of your available PTO. Please remember that there are busy times here at IW and your request for PTO may need to be adjusted given work circumstances and customer demand. It’s always best to make PTO requests as far in advance as possible. We are generally flexible with PTO arrangements, and you should never hesitate to ask about time off when you need it.

On your first day, 160 hours will be added to your PTO account. Additionally, after your first year here, you’ll get an anniversary addition of 160 hours each year. On each anniversary date, a maximum of 32 hours are carried over to the next year. Any hours above the 32 hours that were not used will be paid out at your hourly rate on the next pay date.

Sick and Carer’s Leave

Full-time and part-time employees accumulate sick and carer’s leave during each year of employment. It starts accumulating from an employee’s first day of work and is based on their ordinary hours of work. The balance at the end of each year carries over to the next year.  You will receive 80 hours of leave each year on your anniversary date. If you have any questions about this, please visit here.  

Birthdays & Anniversaries

InterWorks likes to celebrate … a lot. We especially like to celebrate YOU. On your birthday, you may be surprised by a card and a treat. Come on, let us spoil you a little! We also like to celebrate your InterWorks “Anniversary Date.” This is the first day you report to work or the first day that you were paid by InterWorks as an employee. Certain benefits and other employment matters here are based on your Anniversary Date, so there’s especially cause to celebrate this event each year.

Special Events

Journeys are better when they’re done together! Because we like hanging around together and having fun, you’ll be invited to various optional events throughout the year. There are also events that may be part of your job – things like lunch and learns, conferences and webinars. Here is the rundown on each of these event types.

Internal Company Events

We generally have a holiday party, a picnic, and we’ve done trips to the zoo, camping trips, cycling events and lots of other fun outings in the past. Some may include invitations for your family to attend, as well. While we love to have as many people as we can at these events, they are all optional, and you do not have to be there as part of your job.

External Events & Conferences

If we need you to be at an event for work, your manager will clearly let you know that it is a work requirement. Sometimes, you may be asked to attend a conference or a meeting off site or out of town. While the conference or meeting may be considered a work-related activity, any activities you choose to participate in outside of the regular business of the event are also optional and not part of your job. Because these events and gatherings are options and voluntary on your part, nothing that happens at the event will be considered to have occurred “at work.” That means InterWorks won’t be liable for any accident, injury or other incident that occurs. And, since we’re all adults here, you are responsible for your own behavior and actions at these events.

Event Behavior & Responsibility

Please be aware of how your behavior reflects upon InterWorks. In cases where alcohol is available or served, please be responsible and considerate to your coworkers and their families who may also be there. Even though an event may not be work-related, your actions or behavior at a holiday party, for example, can adversely affect your employment. To be able to work here at InterWorks, we need you to acknowledge and agree that your participation in the above-described events is voluntary and not a mandated part of your job, and to agree that you will not seek to hold InterWorks liable or responsible for any accident, injury, illness or other occurrence at such event. We’ll assume you agree if you keep showing up to work.