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Howdy, partner! We see that you’re new to these parts, so we want to take a moment and share some nuggets of invaluable info with you. We obviously believe you’re pretty darn special—otherwise, you wouldn’t be here—and we know InterWorks wouldn’t be here without our team of experts, like you. Our success is largely due to finding and keeping our treasure trove of employees safe and satisfied. We search high and low for the diamonds in the rough that make InterWorks the scrappy, smart pioneers we are.

We know we’ve struck it rich when it comes to our team, which means we work as hard as we can to protect our assets. In this next section, you’ll find all of our most wanted information, from payroll and benefits to professional development and the wildest perks around. Now go on, git!

Payroll Schedule

Business is booming in town, and we know competition is something fierce when it comes to getting the best of the best to join your posse. We understand how important it is to offer competitive salaries and benefits in order to maintain our high level of success. On the flip side, we’re also intent on building a sustainable company that isn’t subject to every fluctuation of the tech industry and the larger economy. When we find great people who fit the InterWorks mould, we stand by ‘em, and we’re proud to offer reasonable initial salaries and readdress them as people achieve more and more success. Some employers out there may be able to offer higher dollar values, but we know that InterWorks is second to none when it comes to the team you’ll be working with, the atmosphere of casual excellence, and the opportunity to do what you truly love.


Your offer letter shows whether your position is full time or part time. All employees are eligible for medical and retirement benefits, and all employees can participate in company perks.


Salary is paid monthly on the last working day of the month. If that falls on a weekend or bank holiday, your salary will be paid on the Friday before that. We can’t guarantee that your salary will arrive in your account by the end of the month though – that’s in your bank’s hands. So, make sure you ride on over to the bank to check on your money bags if you’re not sure.

Feedback & Evaluations

At InterWorks, your voice is important to us, so feel free to give us a holler anytime. We want our employees to lead the charge, so we provide a heck of a lot of ways for you to share the thoughts and brainy ideas you’ve got rolling around in your noggin.


15Five is our employee engagement platform that serves a number of functions.

Annual Reviews

We are constantly in communication about the quality and efficiency of the work we’re producing, which means we’re evaluating performance on an ongoing basis. This informal review feedback is essential to each person here achieving their personal goals, as well as providing the best possible work product. However, casual chatter at the local water cooler just isn’t the same as a grand ole annual review. Therefore, we also conduct more formal performance reviews via 15Five on an annual and semi-annual basis. This is the time to look back on what you’ve accomplished and set goals for yourself. These reviews give us a chance to look back at the year’s successes and struggles and to assess the opportunities ahead. Compensation adjustments may also be made based on these yearly reviews.


We also offer an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A format at interworks.com/ama. This is where you’ll go if you’d like the head honcho himself, Behfar, to respond to a question that affects the company as a whole. We ask that you include your name, so we can have some follow-up discussion and better context for your inquiry. If you prefer to remain anonymous that’s fine too of course; giving you a place to ask questions is more important to us than knowing who has asked them.


Finally, we have the “Ideas” button in Slack. If you make a suggestion that could benefit InterWorks, use this button. This will set a process in motion to make your brilliant ideas come to life.


We are committed to sponsoring a comprehensive benefits program for all full-time employees. We periodically review the benefits program and will make appropriate modifications based on maintaining a competitive and sustainable level of benefits. Due to the nature of changing and unforeseeable circumstances, we do reserve the right to modify, add or delete benefits offered. We know it’s a wild world out there, which is why we always aim to provide the very best to our team and their families.

Benefits Roundup: 

This plan is tenure-based:

On joining, everyone is automatically opted in to the pension scheme. You are entitled to opt out but you must do so in writing and you will be asked every three years if you wish to remain opted out.

What are Qualifying Earnings?

This is a band of gross annual earnings (this includes salary, overtime, bonuses and commission, as well as statutory sick, maternity, paternity or adoption pay).

For the 2023/24 tax year the band is £6,240 up to £50, 270 (ie the full band is £44,030). This is the same as the previous tax year.

Benefits Guide

InterWorks’ most important asset is our people, which is why we don’t monkey around with your welfare. That’s also why we offer you an exceptional benefits program with many options, designed to meet your needs and the needs of your family. InterWorks Europe Ltd employees are automatically placed on the Aviva Solutions plan. You can choose to pay a little more to upgrade your cover and/or arrange separate cover for an additional adult and dependent children up to the age of 21. If you decide to do that, get in touch with UK HR, who will make the necessary arrangements with Aviva for you.

Your Aviva cover includes:

This section is intended as a convenient summary of the major points of our private health cover and does not cover all provisions, limitations and exclusions. The official plan documents, policies and certificates of insurance govern in all cases and are available for your inspection at any time.