Nicole Sackin
Operations Manager
Nicole loves the beauty and serenity of Nature. Growing up in the concrete jungle of New York City, she can often now be found sitting in her backyard enjoying the “big New England sky.” She might also be hiking in the many trails and state parks near her house. After spending two years in Tulsa, OK, she is back home now, just north of Boston, Massachusetts. She loves to hike, swim in the ocean and play outside with her son and dog.
Nicole’s first job was building custom websites for small business in San Antonio, TX. Being an English literature major in college, she taught herself programming languages by reading every book on the subject that she could get her hands on. Ever since, she’s had an insatiable desire to learn new things.
As an Operations Manager for the Business Intelligence team, Nicole is always learning new things and strategizing about best practices and business strategy. There’s no telling what the future holds for her, but whatever it is, Nicole is looking forward to the challenge.

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